Is all the music at the resort?

All performances will take place at Now Sapphire.

What dates will the bands be performing?

There will be four awesome nights of entertainment. Shows will take place on December 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th.

When will the music schedule be released?

Glad you asked! The complete schedule packed with activities, excursions, and more can be found here.

In addition to the shows, will there be any activities?

Of course! You'll be able to fill your day with a number of different activities. Find the full list here.

Are there any excursions curated outside of the resorts?

Yes! We've put together some awesome offsite excursions so you and your friends can explore Mexico alongside some of your favorite artists! Check out the full list of here

Which artists will be participating in Pickin' at the Palapa?

We'll be announcing this closer to the event as well. It's best for you to subscribe to our email list to stay up to date with new info. You can subscribe at www.stringsandsol.com, just under the scrolling picture frame.  

How can I participate with Positive Legacy?

Positive Legeacy coordinates environmental and humanitarian service projects down in Mexico servicing the Puerto Morelos community.  Stay tuned for more information regarding this year's programs and initiatives.

When will the theme night be announced?

The theme night has been announced! We are proud to present DiscoGrass as the theme night for Strings & Sol 2016! Learn more here. 

Will there be Strings & Sol event merchandise?

Of course! You'll be able to buy your event merchandise with all major credit cards or US currency on site.

What is a Carbon Offset?

By purchasing a Carbon Offset you are offsetting the emissions from your personal travel to the event (your carbon footprint). Trees, Water & People carbon offsets not only offer an opportunity to reduce your environmental impact, but also curb deforestation rates, improve the health of families, and support our efforts to protect and conserve natural resources in Cental America and Haiti.